General Admission

Students who fulfill all of the following requirements may apply:

1. Students who have completed High School/K12 or who have legally equivalent qualifications;

2. Students who have taken the required entrance examinations – Applicants who completed their secondary education abroad will need to validate their school-leaving exams, in accordance with the Portuguese national exams required for admission to each study programme at Atlântica. The required exams may be carried out at the university itself (even by videoconference or other technological means to perform interviews).

3. Students’ grade in each of the required entrance examinations must be above the established minimum – The grades obtained in the school-leaving exams required must be at least 95 on the Portuguese scale from 0 to 200; Atlântica will undertake the necessary equivalence procedure from the original educational system;

4. Students who meet the prerequisites required for admission;

5. Students’ application grade must meet at least the established minimum – Minimum application grade: 95 (grading scale: from 0 to 200).

The final High School/K12 grade is worth 65% in the formula for calculating the application grade. The required entrance examinations are worth 35%.

Online Application:


Complete Name (required)

Passport Number (required)

Birth Date (required)

Country (required)

Email (requires)

Phone Number


1st Option

2nd Option

Access Qualifications

Last Educational Institution

Last Course



Copy of passport (required)

Academic Certificate (required)

Proof of recognition of secondary education level, issued by the relevant Portuguese authorities (Embassy)

Vaccination Certificate (hepatitis B vaccine and tetanus) – only for degrees in healthcare

Treatment and Personal Data Security

1. In accordance with Personal Data Protection Law 67/98, we inform you that the data provided will be stored in the information system owned by Atlântica.

2. These data may be provided to the General Director of Higher Education, to the offices, services and departments of the Atlântica .

3. All information will be used for treatment of applying for higher education and, in accordance with applicable law, publication of results notice posted on the property and on the Internet site of the Atlântica​. Atlântica reserves itself the right to refuse applications which do not contain the personal data necessary to allow it to fulfill its legal obligations.

4. All information will also be used for billing purposes and other contact management acts. Atlântica is not responsible for incorrect invoicing or inability contact as a result of providing incorrect or incomplete information.

5. The Atlantica guarantees the access and rectification of the data, collected by letter sent to the Board of Directors of EIA.